BRAND PROFILE: Mixtape Madness

Who are the brand? 

Mixtape Madness

What do they do?

Who are the brand? 

Mixtape Madness

What do they do?

Mixtape Madness is the central hub for accessing a full archive of UK urban mixtapes. The website provides a platform for music fans to listen or download mixtapes from a variety UK urban artists.

Services they provide?

Providing an online platform for emerging and established UK artists to promote their music to a wider global audience. The brands integrated data and campaign management system provides a direct marketing platform and analytical reports to support its clients in the implementation of artist or brand management strategies.

Why should people look out for them?

Since launch in September 2010, Mixtape Madness has managed to receive over 8,000 registered users and are currently ranked number one on Google search engine for the keywords "UK Mixtapes".

Recent mixtape exclusivity campaigns with artists such as Marvell, Young Spray and the forthcoming exclusive launch of USG's mixtape, further document Mixtape Madness as a key player in distributing UK urban music.

Latest project?

Quite a few projects being worked on at the moment, mainly around streamlining the current processes and providing seamless interaction amongst our stakeholders. 

 From an above the line and more tangible perspective, please look out for:

1. Exclusive launch of USG - Unfortunate Souls Grieve - May 2011

2. Multi platform applications - 2012

Where to find Mixtape Madness?

Twitter: @Itsamadness